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McLaren Employee Motor Show

John Jenkins

As a "life long" follower of FORMULA 1... and as I was born in the year of the first Grand Prix I can correctly claim that! (small prize for naming the year and keeping it to yourself) the prospect of entering the hallowed grounds of the McLaren complex certainly got my attention, and to have the opportunity to display some of the club members 500’s was Icing on the cake!

Now we are used to being surrounded by exotics and the competition was fierce and yet we stood our ground, all neatly lined up in true F1 style with bumpers perfectly in line and a great array of colours. Although a passer by kindly said that they were like a box of Smarties, [see magazine cover] she may have been influenced by the SMARTS (small car but only 2 seats) which were parked next in the line.

Seeing the HUGE display of trophies in the McLaren cabinets was awe inspiring and being able to see, touch, (almost) and examine the genuine cars was a real experience, (no dummy mock ups here, the real thing!)

Taking the opportunity to impersonate the pit crews that provide the most impressive wheel changes at pit stop time each F1 event, ‘Team 500’ stepped forward and after a mere 5 minutes of practice set a terrific time which was the second quickest for most of the afternoon! We then celebrated with an excellent CLUB LOGO decorated cake, (see the link?).

To be invited to this excellent event was truly an opportunity that we all were very grateful for and hope that we are fortunate to be invited to return next year.